With the advancement of industrial automation, more and more companies realize unmanned and fully automated production through robots, robot arms, AGV automatic transport vehicles, etc., and at the same time, equipped with SEPPES automatic fast roll up doors on workshop channels or robotic equipment, which can meet the needs of rapid Partition, clean and dust-free, and safety protection performance speed up the pace of production and improve manufacturing capacity. So how is the protection fast roll up door used in the robot workshop to be automated?

First, set up the linkage function with the robot: it is designed for passive signal recognition on the electronic control system of the fast roll up door, because only the passive signal system can be connected to other devices, so that the external robot device can directly communicate with the SEPPES fast roll up door It can identify the access system, so that the device will give a fast roll up door opening/closing signal to realize automation.

The picture below is: automatic protection fast roll up door installed by robot equipment

The functional advantages of fast roll up door used in robot equipment:

  1. Fast running: The fast roll up door controls the door body to lift quickly and accurately through the frequency converter, encoder, etc. The opening and closing speed of the door body is higher than 0.8m/s, which can be adjusted in the range of 0.8m/s-2.0m/s.

  2. Clean and dust-free: double-sided sealed brushes are set on both sides of the door frame, and the bottom is equipped with elastic PVC curtain cloth, which can be closely attached to uneven ground, dust, wind, and odor, so as to ensure a clean working environment.

  3. Protective isolation: The curtain can meet the effects of safety protection isolation, arc welding, arc prevention, welding slag splash prevention, arc radiation, etc. (it can filter out the arc ultraviolet rays emitted during welding).

  4. Safe rebound: The fast roll up door has infrared photoelectric on both sides, and the bottom has a safe rebound protection function, which increases the safety during production.

  5. Observability: Equipped with a visible protective window, you can observe the working dynamics of the robot inside at any time; the window also has a safety protection effect.

  6. ​​Servo motor: Servo control system with high performance, high stability and low failure rate, long-term use by customers, extremely good feedback, to ensure safe and trouble-free production and long life.

The picture below is: Robot protection fast roll up door

The protective fast roll up door can be used in automated workshops, robot arms, and precision machinery workshops. The automatic fast roll up door has long-lasting durability, low maintenance, proven long-term service and thousands of operating devices that have been put into use. , Becoming a popular product in the automobile, machinery and other heavy industry manufacturing industries.

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