Hard fast rolling door, also known as aluminum alloy fast rolling door, or hard shutter for short, is a sturdy and durable hard fast rolling door. It has heat preservation, anti-theft, dustproof, sound insulation, fast, frequent opening, etc., versatility and reliability It is flexible, practical and easy to operate. It is widely used by modern industrial plants. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the SEPPES hard fast rolling door.

Introduction of SEPPES hard fast rolling door:

  1. Opening speed: up to 3.0 m/s, adjustable.
  2. Wind resistance and heat preservation: It can withstand strong winds that exceed level 11, and the heat preservation coefficient: K-VALUE 0.4W/M2K.
  3. Door curtain material: The restrained door curtain mechanism is divided into several parts: aluminum alloy curtain sheet, soft connection rubber strip, load-bearing rubber chain, guide wheel and so on. The door curtain is composed of anodized aluminum and transparent PVC, and each part is composed of anodized aluminum and transparent PVC. Separately installed to the tensioning part, it is quick and easy to replace. The continuous curtain tensioning system ensures the fast, stable, smooth running of the door, and its sturdiness and durability.
  4. Safety system: infrared safety protection electric eye, bottom safety protection edge, light curtain protection system, when the door body is lowered when there is an object passing through the lower part, the door body will rise, and then delay the lowering when there is no obstacle below. Effectively protect objects or pedestrians under the household to avoid accidents, keeping the safety performance at a high level.
  5. Sealing performance: The door curtain and the door curtain of the hard shutter are connected by a soft connection rubber strip. The flexible connection part has a folding life of more than one million times, and it can ensure good sealing performance even under high pressure.
  6. ​​Lifting method: The hard fast rolling door adopts aluminum alloy guided load-bearing track to ensure that there is no noise when the curtain is running at high speed, and there is no friction between the curtain and the track. According to the site civil structure, it can be divided into: turbo suction type, elliptical suction type, heavy straight lifting type, 90 degree standard turning lifting type or more orbital methods, and the standard is turbo suction type and elliptical suction type.

The following picture is: the real shot of the hard fast rolling door installed in the SEPPES industrial plant

SEPPES Door Industry is a professional brand of fast rolling door manufacturer. The new hard fast rolling door produced is a new type of metal industrial door that integrates heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection. It is suitable for frequent high-speed Logistics channel. The door panel is made of 2.0mm thick double-layer aluminum plate composite molding, the middle is composed of polyurethane foam, and the total thickness of the door panel is 40mm. It has the characteristics of good heat preservation, light weight, high strength, and impact resistance. It is suitable for the fast passage of indoor and outdoor logistics and production. The use of hard fast rolling doors can save enterprises a lot of energy loss due to air circulation. Compared with ordinary industrial lift doors, The rolling door saves about 80% of energy.

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