At the end of January 2022, SEPPES received an inquiry call from the project manager of Delixi Group Co., Ltd. They need a batch of high-speed doors. We quickly connect with the relevant business managers here. After the communication of the plan and the calculation of the quotation, the entire plan was finalized in less than two hours. Become the first customer with the fastest transaction this year. At the same time, we are also honored to cooperate with Delixi Group, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises.

“Brand chooses brand, high-quality attracts high-quality”, has always been our positioning as a mid-to-high-end market. And our fast door products are also benchmarked against foreign first-line brands, such as Hörmann, Kuofu, ASSA ABLOY, etc. Not only that, our high-speed door craftsmanship has been unanimously praised by many customers.

We use the laser component one-piece forming process to make the door box, motor cover and track. These parts that are very easy to enter the dust are completely sealed, which greatly increases the use of the high-speed door and the cleaning of the indoor environment. Due to the high price of laser equipment, many manufacturers are reluctant to use it and only perform simple extrusion molding. However, it is easy to rebound and deform when squeezed, which is also the reason why many manufacturers are cheap. The process is not up to the standard, which will also lead to a series of problems in the door body.

That’s why we always cooperate with big companies. Big companies care about quality and after-sales. Only this can ensure the long-term development of an enterprise. If the price is low, it will only usher in the final failure.

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