With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the transportation efficiency of warehouses should also be improved, so the number of opening and closing doors will increase. If ordinary anti-collision free doors or swing doors are used, high-frequency switches will definitely damage the door body and increase maintenance costs. At this time, a good fast moving door plays a big role.

https://seppeschina.com/shop/The fast doors of seppes are often used in places that are frequently opened, such as workshop passages, warehouse logistics areas, outdoor gates, and even conveyor belts. You can also see fast doors. When the amount of traffic in a day is large, the fast door is recommended as the passage partition door. The faster opening of the fast door can meet the daily traffic, and the opening speed of the fast door can reach 2.0m/s, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

workshop fast moving door
workshop fast moving door

For warehouses, airtightness is particularly important. The entry of mosquitoes will have a huge impact on the warehouse. Ordinary swing doors and sliding doors are easy to enter mosquitoes due to poor airtightness, but the quick doors of Seppes are equipped with double rows. The card-type brush can play a very good function of preventing mosquitoes. Many hairs are attached to the door curtain and will not damage the door curtain.

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