In order to better serve customers and share their worries, we have prepared an English high speed door installation manual for customers.

pvc high speed door
  1. Product performance
    The fast rolling doors produced by seppes are mainly used for fast indoor doors in metallurgy, steel, automobile, food, medicine and other industries, as well as fast indoor doors in supermarkets to isolate different production areas. Storage area, or isolate the aisle from other areas.
    It has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, heat preservation, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, and easy replacement and cleaning of door curtains, guide rails and sealing plates.
    The lifting and lowering of the door curtain can adopt various control methods such as button manual control, radar control, geomagnetic control, wireless remote control, etc., to fully meet user requirements. Lifting speed: 0.6-1.2m/s General wind pressure: 0.2KN/N^3
    Working voltage: 220v-380v Power: 0.55Kw Remote control distance: 10m
  2. Product structure
    The overall outline of the high speed rolling door is divided into three types: external motor (right), external motor (left) and built-in motor. They can be provided according to the installation conditions, but need to be ordered in advance, and the cost of different directions will be different.
  3. Working conditions
    The working voltage complies with the product regulations.
    The continuous working time shall not exceed 20 minutes in the frequently opened state.
  4. Operation of the control system
    The electric control adopts the company’s series control system, and the following operation modes are available: control cabinet operation, jog lifting, continuous lifting, emergency shutdown, single-sided operation box operation (the control cabinet is equipped with a switch, so that both inside and outside the door can be operated) , Double-sided operation and operation (the control cabinet does not have a switch, but the door can be operated inside and outside, and the control cabinet can be placed in a remote place), delay operation, remote control operation, radar operation and geomagnetic operation.
    The control box is equipped with machine protection device—rotation controller, fuse (wire) control off switch or three-phase power supply protection, fuse (wire) control operation circuit protection and temperature-sensitive relay motor protection.In this way, the high speed door manual must be provided to customers.
high speed door with warning light

When installing, debugging and opening and closing the door, it is strictly forbidden to stand behind the door and walk behind;
Before closing the door curtain, check whether there is any obstruction under the door curtain. If there is, it must be cleaned up;
Seppes will not be responsible for free maintenance for the damage caused by disassembling the control box or the remote control.

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