Insulation fast rolloing door, everyone should understand the meaning literally when you hear the word, an insulated fast rolloing door. In fact, the insulation fast rolloing door is a more general term. In the factory, the thermal insulation fast rolloing doors are generally used in warehouses and cold storages. The thermal insulation fast rolloing doors used in these two places are different. The following SEPPES fast rolloing door manufacturers will explain to you.

Warehouse is a building used to store goods or other things. Generally, the temperature in the warehouse is above 0°, which is also called normal temperature storage; if the temperature is lower than 0°, it is called cold storage. It is precisely because of this difference in temperature that the insulation fast rolloing doors used are different.

Warehouse heat preservation fast rolloing door: the so-called heat preservation required by the room temperature warehouse refers to the reduction of internal and external air convection through partitions to maintain the normal temperature state in the warehouse.

Cold storage insulation fast rolloing door: The cold storage is actually a low temperature storage of -10° to -30°. It uses a cooling principle similar to that of a refrigerator. If you use an ordinary fast rolloing door, frost may occur, and the special insulation fast rolloing door for the cold storage will be Heating and antifreeze devices are designed on both sides of the column to ensure smooth and effective operation of the fast rolling door in a low-temperature working environment.  

SEPPES Door Industry manufacturer has finished the explanation of the heat preservation fast door, I believe everyone has a certain understanding. In the future, when you inquire about the heat-preserving fast rolling door, remember to clearly state where it is used, and tell the manufacturer the temperature that the warehouse needs to maintain, so that a suitable solution can be recommended.

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