red high speed stacking door

The staff will enter the air shower room before entering the clean production workshop, and after the filter is blown, the dust and other pollution on the surface of the goods can be removed before they can pass through the air shower room. In the air shower room, two automatic rapid roll up door are interlocked to form a confined space. The following editor will explain to you how the automatic rapid roll up door are interlocked.

orange high speed stacking door

The automatic rapid roll up door produced by SEPPES uses a servo system, and multiple ports are reserved in the control box for linkage with the equipment. It is also because of this servo system that the passage between the two doors can form a permanent sealed space. That is, when one door is opened, the corresponding air shower program needs to be completed, and the filter sends a completion signal, the other door will be opened to allow the goods to pass. The rapid roll up door can remotely control the opening and closing of the door body, making the company’s product system more comprehensive and intelligent.

blue high speed stacking door

SEPPES Door Industry not only produces high-quality rapid roll up door, but also has a highly efficient technical team to ensure the company’s reliable procurement, worry-free installation, and worry-free after-sales services.

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