Two quick rolling shutter doors are installed in the workshop passage to form a tightly sealed space.  Front and rear installation of SEPPES factory workshop quick door  with double door interlocking function.  

high speed stacking door with interlocking

Two quick doors are installed in the workshop passageway.  You can customize the size of High-Speed Automatic Doors, curtain color and functional status.  The basic function of fast rolling shutter door is to open quickly and frequently without obstacles.  The double door interlock function helps the pvc industrial flexible doors form a permanent sealed space in the workshop passageway.  When one door opens, another door closes.  

high speed stacking door

To ensure that people or vehicles are driven into the workshop in the tunnel, we need to install quick doors at both ends of the tunnel buffer.  Only one door is open, the other door is closed, and when one door is closed, the other door opens.  Realize an open and close mode to ensure that the indoor environment is not affected by air convection.  SEPPES fast door can not only interlock with two doors, but also interlock with multiple doors at the same time.  This kind of interlock fast rolling door is mainly widely used in clean room, constant temperature workshop or goods shower room, logistics channel.  

First, curtain material  

1. Origin of high-density industrial base cloth: France Thickness: 0.8mm-2.0mm  

2. Technical parameters: tensile strength (longitude/weft) : 5700/5100 N/5cm;  

3. Tearing strength (longitude/weft) : 900/80 N;  Operating temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃;  

4. Fire rating: French standard NF-P92-503M2 or German standard DIN 4102 B1  

5. Full transparent PVC film thickness: 1.5mm-2.0mm  

6. Control system: controlled by high tech PLC and frequency converter  

Two, the color of the curtain  

Interlocking fast rolling shutter door has a variety of colors to choose from, such as: yellow, white, blue, red, orange or transparent, etc. (specific can be selected according to the Raul color card).  The perspective window can be selected rectangular or oval, increasing the security and management convenience performance.  

3. Use and control  

1.Remote control 2. Automatic geomagnetism 3. Radar 4. Photoelectric 5.induction of linkage interlock  

Four, the advantages of interlocking fast high speed door traffic door

Sealing performance is better, the bottom of this industrial stacking door is equipped with elastic PVC base cloth, it can be closely combined with a variety of uneven ground can reach the standard of ten thousand, the door post on both sides of the sealing brush, can reduce noise and increase the sealing effect.  

Safety performance is superior, orange photocell flash, when the door is opened or closed, the red light flashes to warn, power failure with manual remote rod can be gently opened and closed;  More security, convenient performance.  

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