Nowadays, there are more and more factories and enterprises, so there are more and more types of workshops, including those responsible for production, manufacturing, packaging, and storage. Their different production attributes require different categories. Now there are various types of high speed doors ,Such as zipper high speed doors, protective fast doors, thermal insulation fast doors, cold storage insulation fast doors, wind-resistant stacking fast doors, and turbine hard fast door. Next I will introduce them to you in detail.

Zipper high speed door

We replaced its brush structure with a sealed zipper structure. We used a whole PVC door curtain to replace the wind-resistant rib structure door curtain. Its sealing performance is improved to a higher level and an anti-collision reset device is installed. Even if the door curtain is knocked off the track, it will automatically reset during the next operation. We recommend it for use in scenes with high dust-free environment requirements such as electronic workshops, dust-free workshops, and pharmaceutical workshops.

zipper-structure high speed door

Safety Protective fast door

We use thickened matte material door curtains to prevent arc light, parts, sparks, etc. We recommend using it in production equipment rooms, robot workshops, welding equipment rooms, special isolation areas in workshops, water jet rooms and other scenarios that require mechanical separation and protection of personnel inside the factory. It can work in conjunction with machinery and equipment.

Fast PVC Protection Door

Thermal insulation high speed door

We use a multi-layer composite thickened door curtain, which is filled with polyurethane foam insulation material. Quick opening and closing of the door can reduce air exchange between the interior and the outside and reduce heat loss. The thermal insulation performance is of significantly improvement . We recommend using it in food workshops, normal temperature warehouses and other areas with slightly higher thermal insulation requirements.

Cold storage thermal insulation rapid door

It adopts a zipper locking design combined with a thermal insulation multi-layer thickened door curtain, which can be opened and closed frequently and quickly. At the same time, a variety of induction opening devices can be installed to facilitate the passage of forklifts. Equipped with anti-collision reset device. The cold storage insulation fast door can replace the traditional cold storage door. We recommend using it in scenarios with high thermal insulation requirements, such as cold storage, raw material cold storage, etc.

cold storage high speed door
thermal insulation PVC high speed door

Wind-resistant stacking fast door

We equipped it with a strap-type pull-up door curtain and multiple wind-resistant steel pipes. It has high wind resistance, with a wind resistance of level 11. They are suitable for flow areas with large openings and can open frequently and quickly to facilitate the transportation of goods and people. We recommend using it in areas with large openings. Such as warehouses, logistics centers, and garbage transfer stations where forklifts pass.

wind resistant stacking door

Turbine hard fast door

We use 0.7mm thick aluminum alloy door panels, filled with high-density polyurethane foam inside and surrounded by EPDM rubber strips. Hard rapid doors have high sealing measures, high thermal insulation, high wind resistance, and various installation structures to meet the installation requirements of various scenarios. We recommend installing it on factory doors, three-dimensional garages and other scenes that require anti-theft and frequent access.

high speed spiral door
high speed spiral door

The selection of general categories should be comprehensively evaluated based on various characteristics such as speed, wind resistance, insulation, and sealing on site, and suitable industrial door products should be selected. Our SEPPES brand has become a cooperative supplier of Fortune 500 companies in more than 70 countries around the world with its professionalism and product reputation. If your Industrial door products are in need on site and you don’t know how to choose them. Please contact the editor to tailor a solution for you.

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