With the rapid development of various industries in recent years, the application scope of rapid rise doors has become more and more extensive. Especially in the field of food and pharmaceuticals, the status of fast doors is constantly improving, and the number of companies using fast doors is also increasing. Food workshops are different from other workshops, and production in such workshops requires higher cleanliness requirements. The clean type rapid rise doors specially used for pastry food workshop produced by SEPPES can meet the national cleanliness standard of corresponding food production.

rapid rise doors

In the pastry food production workshop, the biggest problem to be faced is the hygiene problem caused by temperature and air humidity. Some pastries are easily spoiled once the production temperature is not suitable. The high speed running speed of SEPPES high speed door can ensure the isolation effect between the inside and outside of the food workshop, and can work well under high or low temperature conditions. And due to the good sealing performance, the invasion of external bacteria is fully isolated.

rapid rise doors

Moisture protection is an important part of food production. If the relevant moisture-proof measures cannot be taken, it is very likely that the food will deteriorate in the production line. The PVC material door curtain used by the high speed door has good high density, and the zipper type sealing method makes the whole set of high-speed doors have no gaps. It fully guarantees the airtightness and reduces the intrusion of external moisture, so as to be truly moisture-proof. It provides the best guarantee for food production.

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