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Germany is the birthplace of modern automobiles and the country with the longest history of automobile production. Since Karl Benz invented the first car in 1886, the German auto industry has gone through more than 130 years of development. As the largest pillar industry in Germany, the German automobile industry is known as the “Pearl of the Manufacturing Crown” and has created unimaginable value for the German economy. There are nearly one million jobs. In recent years, China’s automobile manufacturing industry has also continued to develop, especially the continuous development of the new energy automobile industry in recent years, which has added vitality to the automobile industry. Speed roller shutter have become one of the must-have products in this industry.

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More and more German and Chinese automobile manufacturing industries choose to choose the supporting facilities of factories in China. Among them, the industrial speed roller shutter is one of the important equipment of the factory. There are many automobile enterprise customers that SEPPES cooperates with, among which the more famous ones are Geely Automobile, Volkswagen, CRRC, Changan Ford, Tesla, etc. These large automobile enterprises must have relatively high requirements for the choice of fast doors. If not Fast door manufacturers of well-known brands cannot match these car brands. SEPPES industrial high speed doors have greatly improved the production efficiency of these automobile manufacturing plants to a certain extent.

speed roller shutter
speed roller shutter

In the past decade, the advantages of China’s auto exports have become more and more obvious. According to the data, Chinese brands will occupy six of the top ten best-selling models in the world in 2021. Since 2022, driven by the strong support of the automobile supply chain and the super competitiveness of new energy vehicles. SEPPES will also continue to serve more domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

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