Seppes Industrial Door Co., Ltd. on April 25, 2023 received a request for quotation for exporting to the Philippines. The requirement is 20 rapid doors and customer’s demand for use is very clear. They need to have a good sealing, solid external fast doors. Therefore, we recommend the fast spiral door to the customer, down to give you a detailed explanation of the process.

Docking with us is the company’s technical staff, in the process of communication found that the company’s technical requirements for the product is very high, such as the size of the transparent window, the size of the track aperture, height, motor brand, frame material, etc., after professional communication out of the drawing to confirm the technical program, but because it is the first time to cooperate with the customer to try the next one first, in the mode of payment, the customer is also very decisive, direct payment in full.

After the customer received the sample fast door, also experienced some problems, the first is the product installation and commissioning (frame assembly, motor wiring debugging, airbags, photoelectricity installation), in the Minister Deng and Ji under the professional guidance of the supervisor, but also the smooth installation and commissioning of the door, after the cooperation, the foreign customers have a great deal of trust in us.

spiral high speed door
spiral high speed door

On January 31st, 2024, this Philippine customer sent another email to purchase another 16 rigid doors. As we expect, I get what I pay for. I quickly made a quotation, the customer also timely follow up the procurement process. On February 6th, the customer confirmed the contract and paid the full amount, and on the 13th, the payment was made. The whole order process was very fast and smooth.

From the first cooperation on 2023.04.25 till now, we have reached 2 times of cooperation with this Philippine customer. Now we have opened the market in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and Europe.

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