How about the wind resistance of the spiral fast door.Many people tend to consider the windproof performance of the door when buying a seppes door. So let’s find out with me, how many levels of windproof the door of seppes can achieve.

Seppes has several widely sourced doors, namely high speed doors, high speed spiral doors and sectional doors. Customers should consider their location before purchasing, as well as the installation location of the door. The first is the fast door. The 3m×3m door of the fast door is a 6-level wind, and if it exceeds 3m×3m, it is a 5-level wind. High speed doors are generally installed indoors. Followed, the sectional door is resistant to 8-10 winds. Finally by the spiral fast door, resistant to 11 winds. If the installation place is windy, you can consider the spiral high speed door.

Seppes fast door has 11 years of experience and is very mature in technology. The quality is guaranteed, so that customers can buy with peace of mind and buy with confidence.

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