Last week, SEPPES installed spiral doors in the workshop of an electronics company. The main features of hard fast rolling doors are anti-theft, wind resistance, and fast opening and closing. These characteristics can well meet the various needs of the workshop. It can be seen that the various benefits of rigid fast rolling doors are slowly being accepted by customers.

SEPPES’s hard fast rolling door has a 40mm thick door panel, which can be welcomed in any environment. It can be installed not only for workshop gates, but also for underground garages and intelligent three-dimensional garages. Because it is reliable, practical, and easy to operate. The interior of the double-layer door panel is filled with polyurethane foam. The four-layer sealing structure process ensures the air tightness and isolation effect inside and outside the door. The opening speed of 0.8-1.5m/s improves the efficiency of entry and exit again. High-strength door panel and transmission mechanism, wind resistance can reach 12 levels. The standard infrared safety anti-pinch protection device is smart, safe and efficient.

SEPPES has many years of industry experience. It has the authoritative CE certification of the Czech Republic, the first EU member state in the industry.

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