high speed spiral door

With the acceleration of urbanization, waste disposal has become an important part of city management. However, traditional centralized waste stations often suffer from odor leakage and inefficient operation during operation, which brings inconvenience to the surrounding environment and residents’ life. In order to solve this problem, more and more cities have started to spiral doors as the solution for centralized waste stations.

A spiral fast door is a specially designed door, usually made of sturdy materials. They can be opened and closed quickly. The core purpose of applying rigid speed doors in centralized waste stations is to solve two key problems: to control odor leakage and to improve operational efficiency.

high speed spiral doors

Advantages of spiral doors for centralized waste stations

Odor isolation: These door panels are made of aluminum alloy. The center is filled with high density polyurethane foam. The thickness of the door panels is 4/5 centimeters. In addition, the door equip with rubber strip seals all around to ensure a good airtightness. Effectively prevents the leakage of toxic and smelly gases through the gaps. It will not affect the surrounding environment.

Improve access efficiency: The door can open at speeds of up to 2m/s and can be raised in seconds. This helps to avoid odor leakage when people enter or leave. In addition, the door can be equipped with an optional geomagnetic induction automatic door opening function. The door opens automatically when metal objects such as vehicles pass by. No manual operation is required to improve the loading and unloading efficiency of the waste transfer station.

High durability:The door body is made of thick aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and strong. It can withstand frequent opening and closing without easy damage, reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement. Moreover, some rigid speed doors are equipped with intelligent control systems, which can realize automated operation and further enhance the convenience and efficiency of management.

high speed spiral door
high speed spiral door

To sum up, the application of spiral fast doors in centralized waste stations is an effective solution. It can effectively control odor leakage and improve the quality of the surrounding environment while improving efficiency. It brings many benefits to city management and residents’ life. With the continuous progress of urbanization, we believe that the rigid speed gate will be widely used in more cities, contributing to the improvement of urban environment and residents’ quality of life.

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