Recently, SEPPES installed spiral doors in the workshop of a petrochemical company. The internal temperature of the oil storage workshop must be accurately controlled. The hard fast rolling door is a new type of metal fast door, which can open and close quickly. It can reduce the time of personnel entering and exiting each time. In addition, the insulated door panel can effectively prevent the convection of the air inside and outside. Sealing strips are installed around, high temperature partition. It has the functions of dustproof, insectproof and anti-theft. Provide a suitable environment for the oil storage and transportation workshop.

SEPPES’s spiral doors has a 40mm thick door panel. Installed at the gate of the factory, smart three-dimensional garage doors are both good choices. It is reliable, practical, and easy to operate. The four-layer sealing structure process ensures the air tightness and isolation effect inside and outside the door. The opening speed of 0.8-1.5m/s improves the efficiency of entry and exit again. High-strength door panel and transmission mechanism, wind resistance can reach 12 levels. The standard infrared safety anti-pinch protection device is smart, safe and efficient.

spirals doors installed on the farm

SEPPES has many years of industry experience. It has the authoritative CE certification of the Czech Republic, the first EU member state in the industry. The production standard is certified by the international authority SGS. Cooperation cases are all over the world. Many overseas distributors provide high-quality services to global customers.

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