Sponge Dock Dhelter

The sponge door seal is composed of three sealing columns, which are installed on both sides and above the door opening. The curtain fabric is made of 0.8mmpvc material, and the internal high-density sponge can cushion the impact of trucks. Compared with mechanical door seals, sponge door seals are cheaper and have a better sealing effect, but they are only suitable for the case of a fixed size of the carriage. The scaly structure on the surface of the curtains on both sides increases the sealing performance and also increases the service life of the door seal. Optional height adjustment models are used for vehicles with a fixed width and different heights. The adjustable range is 650mm.

Features of sponge door seal:

  1. Two door seal columns are 300mmx 300mmx 250mm, 300mm wide cube type is the front, and one crossbeam is 300mmx 300mmx 250mm, 300mm wide cube is the front.
  2. 30 grams of sponge core.
  3. PVC base cloth for outer cover, black and yellow warning strips.
  4. Hole size: W8000*H8000mm.
  5. The height of the truck box from the ground is 1000mm.
  6. Truck compartment: width 2200mm–2400mm, height 3100mm–3700mm.
  7. Keep a thickness difference of 50mm-70mm between the anti-collision pad and the door seal, so that the truck can be in close contact with the i seal.
  8. There is a high-temperature treated wooden frame at the rear.
  9. High-performance sponge with a maximum compression density of up to 70%.
  10. Wear-resistant pleated pleats are distributed on both sides to provide additional wear-resistant protection and effectively extend the service life of the door seal.
  11. The unique thin lining effectively reduces pressure and friction and prolongs the service life of the door seal.
  12. Screws and metal buttonholes are used to fix the fabric to ensure even air overflow.

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