Recently, our SEPPES installed a stacked fast rolling door at the gate of an auto parts company. SEPPES has had many project cases where stacking fast rolling shutters were installed at the gates of the factory buildings. This customer has previously installed SEPPES fast rolling doors. Customers feel that our product quality is very good after using it for a period of time. After comparison, customers found that our products are the most trustworthy in terms of price or quality.

Due to the accumulation of stacked fast rolling door, large sizes can be customized. and it has the characteristics of good wind resistance and convenient passage. When we drive a forklift, we only need to enter the geomagnetic induction area or the radar induction area, and the door will open automatically. When the forklift leaves, the door closes automatically. Or we can use remote control to open, truly realize fully automatic passage and improve work efficiency. SEPPES’s fast-stacking rolling shutter door adopts integrated laser construction technology to “fold” a whole piece of cold-rolled steel plate into the door body. It is not only convenient for our later maintenance but also has safety. SEPPES uses imported PVC curtains, which are wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

SEPPES has ten years of experience in the industrial door industry. The EU member state-Czech Republic has issued an authoritative CE certificate for us. In addition, our production standards have also passed the certification of the international authority SGS. High-quality product quality makes us have a good reputation in the industry. Our products not only trusted by Chinese brands, but also exported to all over the world. For example, the well-known brands Huawei and Unilever are our partners. Many overseas distributors that we have cooperated with provide customers with high-quality products and services.

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