Stacking fast door is for the industrial plant personnel, goods and vehicles in and out of convenient and specialized research and development and production, some large enterprises need to enter and exit some large equipment all the year round.Generally speaking, the size of the doorway is relatively large, and it is usually north-south and transparent, and the ventilation is large.Moreover, in daily life, it needs to open and close the door many times and open and close the door fast;In order to meet the needs of these places, Seppes Door Industry recommends that you use stacking fast doors.This stacking fast door overcomes the shortcoming that the door can only use fixed installation space, and improves the utilization rate of space inside the plant.The door body adopts transverse split folding connection, making the door easier to repair and replace.Can open small door, small window at the same time, security, fully reflected the convenience of the channel, saving energy.The door body adopts the bearing type operation, which not only overcomes the shortcoming of the door running noise, but also makes the door running more smoothly.

Stacking fast gate motor has added many functions. It can be connected with remote control, radar, geomagnetic ring and other electrical switches, and can be connected with infrared ray, airbag safety edge and other protective devices.It also has a good thermal insulation effect, in the cold winter can also play a role in the cold and value.It can be installed and used in many occasions, from factory floor to garage passageway. It has some features that can not be replaced by other door types, so consider carefully when choosing.

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