304 stainless steel fast roller shutter door belongs to a kind of fast rolling shutter door, generally suitable for food workshops, pharmaceutical workshops and other places with high cleanliness. 304 stainless steel fast roller shutter door frame is made of high-quality stainless steel bending, and the curtain material is made of imported pvc substrate splicing.

304 stainless steel fast roller shutter door is suitable for frequent entry and exit, and high internal cleanliness requirements for logistics entrances and exits. The opening speed of SEPPES fast roller shutter doors can reach 1.0-2.0 m/s, which is nearly 10 times that of ordinary steel rolling shutters. It has the functions of temperature insulation, sound insulation, dust prevention, and insect prevention. It is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, Electronics, chemicals, printing, textiles, logistics and many other industries. After the enterprise installs the fast door, it is very helpful to ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption, and second, it can improve the image of the company’s hardware matching. Equipped with 304 stainless steel fast roller shutter door main frame and electric control box, it is especially suitable for high clean area and corrosive environment.

Technical parameters of stainless steel fast roller shutter door:

Maximum size 5000*5000mm (W*H)
  Resistance to wind pressure 6-8 level wind (refer to the size of the door)
  Opening speed 1.0-2.0m/s (reference door size, adjustable)
  Closing speed 0.8 m/s (speed adjustable)
  Working temperature -15 to 60℃
  base cloth thickness 0.8-1.2mm
  base fabric color: blue, gray, white, and other colors are available
  Frame material 304 stainless steel
  Voltage 220V/50HZ
  Interlock function support
  linkage function support
  Induction method Radar, geomagnetism, photoelectric, drawstring, remote control
  Safety protection Photoelectric (standard) safety bottom edge (optional)

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