The pharmaceutical factory is different from the general factory, and the general factory does not have so many requirements for the selection of doors. The pharmaceutical factory itself has very strict requirements for the working environment. In the clean room, the air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and other parameters need to be controlled well. In areas with good airtightness, ordinary industrial doors simply cannot meet the cleanliness requirements of the scene. To solve this problem, you can install a stainless steel zipper fast door.

pharmaceutical factory stainless steel zipper fast door
pharmaceutical factory stainless steel zipper fast door

SEPPES’s stainless steel zipper 好 door has the characteristics of high airtightness and fast opening and closing. A whole piece of PVC curtain, no hard objects such as metal parts. With the integrated stainless steel door body, it is not easy to rust, and at the same time increases the safety of entry and exit. The zipper lock design connects the door curtain and the door body, which can effectively block the entry of dust and so on. The German brand control system with imported servo motors is the basis for the stable and accurate operation of SEPPES fast rolling doors. The switching speed is up to 2.5m/s, GMP certified standard.

SEPPES stainless steel zipper fast door
SEPPES zipper fast door

SEPPES has more than ten years of industry experience. The choice of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies, and more than 2,000 corporate clients. The products are also exported to more than 30 countries including Europe, America and Asia. If you choose a fast rolling door, choose SEPPES.

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