The size of the door opening in the underground garage is large to allow vehicles to have space for turning operations. The underground garage is located at a low level, and there will always be wind entering, so the choice of the door body needs to have an industrial door that can resist strong wind. Stacked fast doors have built-in wind-resistant ribs in the curtains, and large sizes can also be customized. The fast doors produced by Gaodian Doors use servo motors and can be installed with geomagnetic induction to realize the automatic opening of the vehicle.

1. Door structure: use high-strength anti-oxidation industrial aluminum alloy door frame, thickness 4.0mm. Cold rolled steel plate electrostatic spray door frame 120×130mm, door cover and motor cover are made of thick galvanized steel plate, and the surface is treated with high temperature powder spraying. The color is basically the same as the door frame.

2. Drive device: use high-speed motor dedicated for fast door, power supply 220V, power 0.75-1.5kw/1500S/revolution, load S4 type.

3. Electronic control system: adopts high-performance control box dedicated for fast doors, built-in vector control mode, high control accuracy; high-torque frequency converter (150% 1HZ), PLC combined into one, with high performance, high reliability and high Stability, high precision positioning and other features. At the same time, using frequency conversion control technology, it has soft start and slow stop functions to ensure the smooth operation of the door and increase the service life.

4. Opening and closing speed: 0.8-2.0m opening speed per second (adjustable). High frequency opening (1000-1500 times/day)

5. Safety device: A pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches are installed on the lower part of the door frame. When people and objects stay under the door, the door does not fall.

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