How to maintain?Four ways to teach you

aluminium high speed door
aluminium spiral high speed door

As many factories pay more and more attention to efficiency and environmental protection, the use of aluminium spiral high speed doors is becoming more and more common. Today we will discuss how to maintain it during normal use to ensure its work efficiency maximize.

The first point: We need to wipe the surface of the vortex fast door with a neutral reagent regularly during the use of the hard fast door, the guide rails on both sides and the door box part. Keep the parts exposed to the air from being covered with dust.

The second point: If the surface of the turbo hard fast door is stained, it needs to be wiped with a soft cotton cloth. It cannot be scraped off with sharp objects. This will easily scratch the surface of the door. If the turbo hard fast door is not treated for a long time, the turbo hard fast door will be stained. When the stain is too heavy, we need to use a cleaning agent to clean it. Of course, we need to wipe it with clean water after decontamination, and then wipe it dry to ensure the dryness of the door.

The third point: We also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the turbo hard fast door. Each corner of the turbo hard fast door does not need to be wiped too much. If you wipe too much, it may cause the corners and corners to fall off, which will have the opposite effect of destruction, and the gain is not worth the loss.

The fourth point: There is also that when movable parts such as hinges and adhesive strips become loose, we should repair and fix them immediately. Do not let the situation worsen and check and deal with it in time. When the hinge part makes abnormal noise, it should be filled with oil in time.

maintain the aluminium high speed door
maintain the aluminium spiral high speed door

Turbo hard fast door has not only beautiful appearance, convenient use, heat insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, etc., but also it is easy to install and fast, has a long service life, and is convenient to maintain. It has been widely used in offices, workshops and super large places for heat preservation, insect prevention, dust prevention, and sheltered isolation. After our above introduction, I believe that everyone has already understood a lot. If there is a problem, you can also call us seppes, and we will answer you one by one.

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