high speed spiral door

The quick-lifting door and the industrial lifting door have the same door panel material. They can be combined with aluminum alloy and color steel plate. Both are sandwiched with polyurethane air bubbles. Both have good wind resistance and B2 flame retardant ability. The main difference between them is the method of lifting, the applicable place, the speed of opening the door, and the cost of purchasing.

Fast lifting doors, also known as hard fast doors, are suitable for the interior and exterior of buildings. The fast lifting doors have the fastest opening speed among all industrial doors and can be customized with a maximum size of about 5m*5m. Industrial lifting doors are generally suitable for door opening comparisons. Large outdoor gates can be customized with a maximum size of about 10m*12m.

fast lifting door

The opening method of the fast lifting door is only vertical opening, and the door panels are all rolled into the box of the entry body; while the industrial lifting door has four opening methods, which break the fixed installation method of the industrial door and effectively save the plant space.

industrial lifting door

The quick lifting door can be opened more than 300 times a day, while the industrial lifting door can only be opened about 20 times a day. According to this characteristic, the two applicable places are different.

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