Fast stacking doors and high speed roll up doors are both modern door categories. They are all industrial doors used to provide fast access but there are some differences in function, structure and application between them.

wind resistant stacking door

Opening method and speed

Fast stacking door

This kind of door is usually composed of multiple door panels that can be stacked together horizontally. When the door is opened, the door panels will be stacked together to form a compact unit stacked on top. The door panels are stacked in a way that allows the door to open and close quickly without taking up too much space. The open speed of high speed stacking door can reach 0.6-0.8 m/s.

Fast rolling door

This kind of door is composed of a flexible curtain, which is usually made of aluminum alloy or plastic material. When it is opened, it rolls up vertically and is stored at the top of the door. Therefore, the opening method of the fast rolling shutter door is to roll vertically upward. The open speed of high speed roll up door can reach 1.2-2.0 m/s.

Applicable environment

Fast stacking doors

Maximum size of stacking door is 12W*10H due to the stacking characteristics of the door panels high-speed stacking doors are more suitable for industrial environments or places that require frequent access, such as logistics warehousing, workshops, etc. They can respond quickly to switch commands and adapt to high-intensity frequency of use. They have good wind resistance.

Fast rolling door

Rapid rolling shutter doors are usually used in commercial environments or places that require simple isolation, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, garages, etc. Their design is simple and easy to operate, and they are suitable for situations where the door opening is small and the frequency of use is low.

Safety performance

Fast stacking doors

This kind of door is usually equipped with a variety of safety devices, such as infrared sensors, safety light curtains, etc., which can detect pedestrians or objects in time to avoid pinch or collision accidents. In industrial environments, safety performance is particularly important, and high-speed stacking doors excel in this regard.

Fast rolling door

Rapid rolling shutter doors also have safety functions, but are usually only equipped with simple safety sensors, such as airbags or drop stop sensors, which are mainly used to ensure the safety of the door during opening and closing. SEPPES high speed roll up door comes standard with infrared safety photoelectric,Their security exceeds many of their peers.

Durability and maintenance

High speed stacking door

Due to the design of the door panels, high speed stacking doors are relatively more durable and can withstand frequent opening and closing. However, they can be more expensive to maintain and maintain, as the connections between door panels require regular inspection and maintenance.

Fast rolling door

The structure of the fast rolling shutter door is relatively simple, so the maintenance cost is low. However, with frequent use, the wear of the curtains may require more frequent replacement, which will increase maintenance costs.

In general, high speed stacking fast door and High speed roll up door are modern door types. They have some differences in functions, structures and applicable scenarios. Users can choose the appropriate door type according to their own needs.

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