Industrial buildings, underground garages and other places will use industrial lift doors or fast rolling doors. Whether it is an industrial lift door or a fast rolling door, many people are not familiar with it. They don’t know the difference between the two, what is the difference between industrial lift doors and fast rolling doors? Next, SEPPES Door Industry will give you a brief introduction.

The fast rolling door is a combination of a PVC door curtain. The upper and lower doors rotate around the reel above the door, including the door curtain, guide rail, bracket, reel, roller, manual quick release switch device, button switch, safety device, etc. 13 parts; industrial lifting door consists of A series of door panels, which rise along the track, are composed of upper and lower guide rails, guide wheels, main columns, parallelogram hinge mechanisms, aluminum profiles, handles and other components.

Fast rolling doors can only use a fixed installation space, while industrial lift doors can move along the tracks installed on the ceiling and walls, so the space can be used effectively and reasonably when the door is running. The industrial lift gate adopts load-bearing operation mode, which overcomes the problem of high noise during operation. We can open the door-in-door and the transparent window on the door. Although the fast rolling door does not make a sound when it is opened and closed, the small door cannot be opened as a whole, but it can also be equipped with a transparent window.

Industrial lift doors are mainly used in large warehouses, paint shops, small hangars and other occasions; rolling shutter doors are suitable for occasions where the doorway is small and it is inconvenient to install the door, such as underground garages, commercial facades, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Generally, the installation range of fast rolling doors will be wider. According to the door opening direction, the lifting methods of industrial hoisting doors can be divided into two types: vertical and turning, while fast rolling doors can only be opened normally.

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