Recently, our SEPPES door industry has completed the installation of the fast rolling door project in the buffer workshop of a nutrition company in American. The client belongs to a foreign-funded enterprise and has maintained a long-term cooperation with us. Initially, customers have very strict requirements on product quality when purchasing. She searched the market for a long time before, but did not find the fast door she like. Later, after visiting the surrounding factories, she saw the fast rolling doors of SEPPES Door Industry. She found it beautiful and atmospheric, so she found our consultation.The customer asked us about the comparison between SEPPES Door Industry and foreign brands, and finally found that the two were almost the same after comparison, but the price was too cheap, and finally decided to choose us.

The fast rolling door of SEPPES Door Industry has a German brand control system, a high-precision servo drive unit, an innovative man-machine interface design, a visual operation of the whole process, and a real-time display of the running status to ensure the appearance of the stable running product and precise opening and closing. Fully automatic laser cutting and precise structure of the door frame, imported plastic powder spraying combined assembly, beautiful and durable. The double-row card seat type sealing brush and the pluggable imported brand PVC curtain, a variety of convenient designs, provide customers with more energy-saving solutions. The infrared anti-pinch safety protection device is a standard configuration, and there are a variety of protection devices to choose from to protect safety in all aspects.

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