In recent days, our SEPPES Door Industry has completed the installation of the industrial lift door and hard fast rolling door project of a new wall material company in Suzhou. It is worth mentioning that the customer wants to install a fast rolling door in the upper opening. Many people may I don’t understand why this is necessary. It is actually achievable. Opening a hole at the top can facilitate the transportation of goods from above to below. The customer previously used horizontal electric swing doors. Due to safety, user experience, and installation space In terms of failing to meet the expectations of customers, so I decided not to use this product this time, and chose to choose a horizontal hard fast rolling door that is better than horizontal electric swing doors. The following are the advantages of hard fast rolling doors compared to electric swing doors :

  1. It is safer than flat doors, with multiple safety protection measures to provide all-round protection.
  2. It is more heat-insulating than the casement door, and the door panel is filled with high-density polyurethane foam to effectively insulate and maintain the temperature.
  3. It is more sealed than the flat door, and the four-layer sealing structure technology keeps air tightness and water tightness, and has a good isolation effect.
  4. It is faster than the side-hung door, the opening speed is 1.2-2.35m/s, and the door is opened quickly and the efficiency is faster.
  5. It is more intelligent than the flat door, dedicated servo intelligent control system, precise opening and closing, and intelligent operation.
  6. It is more space-saving than the casement door, and it has a variety of installation and lifting methods, suitable for various areas, and saves space.

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