Recently, our SEPPES Door Industry has completed the installation of the fast rolling door project in the fabric stacking area of ​​a textile industry company in Italy. Since this area is an area that needs frequent opening and closing, it is very suitable to use the fast rolling door. The fast rolling door can keep heat and cold. , Anti-insect, wind-proof, dust-proof, sound-proof, anti-odor and many other functions, which can greatly improve the environmental problems in the stacking area, save corporate resources, and provide more efficient services for the company. The customer also chose to add a radar that does not need to be manually turned on. Induction, the door can be opened only when the staff enters the induction area, and the safety light curtain of 300 mm improves the safety effect.

SEPPES Door Industry’s fast rolling door laser construction is one-piece and beautiful, and it successfully integrates the industrial aesthetic concept into the design of the structure process. The rich precision components greatly increase the safety. The visual man-machine interface design that displays the running status in real time is easy to use. The control system adopts a German brand integrated integrated intelligent control system, and the curtain adopts imported brand PVC high-strength wear-resistant base fabric curtain, which is easy to clean and impact resistant. It is equipped with infrared anti-pinch safety protection device, which rebounds when triggered to ensure safety.

Fast rolling door manufacturer SEPPES Door Industry, leading the industry to implement “Industrial Door Lifetime Responsibility Service”, many years of industry experience, the entire series of products are underwritten by well-known insurance companies 15 million yuan insured amount, waiting for you to join, cooperation with SEPPES Some customers are as follows:

   Procter & Gamble (China) Co., Ltd.

Mercedes Benz

   Unilever (China) Co., Ltd.

   DSM (China) Co., Ltd.

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