High speed metal roller shutter door

The pvc roll up door has multiple functions such as quick switch, thermal insulation, dust and insect prevention, and sound insulation protection. It can meet most logistics and clean places, and save energy. High-speed automatic shutdown can improve work efficiency and create a better working environment. The opening and closing speed of the exit fast door can better isolate the indoor and outdoor air, and can well ensure the cleanliness of the workshop. Ensure that workshop air conditioning and purification equipment achieve the best results.

pvc roll up door

An infrared photoelectric device at the bottom of the pvc roll up door. When an object or a person passes through this infrared light, the exit door will automatically stop descending and open to this position to avoid hitting pedestrians or goods. The high speed door can also select an optional light curtain. Light curtains installed on both sides of the door body. The infrared transmitter can emit infrared detection beams in sequence, and the infrared receiver can detect these beams in sequence, thereby forming dozens to hundreds of infrared protection light curtains. When people or goods enter or exit, any beam in the infrared light curtain scanning process is blocked, and the light curtain control system will detect it. Door panels that are closing will open immediately, making them safer than other devices.

pvc roll up door

SEPPES has always put the safety of product use in the first place, and has developed and customized a variety of safety protection devices. SEPPES has applied for a number of technical patents on safety protection. Such as infrared photoelectric, light curtain, safety bottom edge, etc., all continue to create technical innovations in accordance with European industry standards. It has a number of product core technologies and has passed the EU CE and international authority SGS certification. The market covers the whole country and more than 50 countries and regions.

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