When we buy back a BMW or Mercedes-Benz car, friends who know the car will tell you that the new car has a certain running-in period, and there are some precautions for driving during the running-in period. This is because products with drive and mechanical parts, and because of their own product characteristics, require a break-in period. Similarly, as a hydraulic dock leveler with electric drive and mechanical work, it also has a running-in period. This is a problem that many users easily ignore. Then, during the running-in period of the hydraulic dock leveler, what should we pay attention to in the actual use process? As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic dock levelers, Seppes Door Industry introduces these issues one by one:

  1. Preparation before use: familiar with the correct use process and method of hydraulic dock leveler
    The correct use process and method are the basic conditions to ensure the normal operation of a hydraulic dock leveler and prolong its service life. There are two main channels to understand: the first is the use and operation manual provided by the manufacturer when the hydraulic dock leveler leaves the factory, and the user Need to read carefully; the second is the corresponding use training after the equipment installation and commissioning is completed, Seppes Door Industry will arrange professional installation technical engineers to install the hydraulic dock leveler at the customer’s place, and after the installation is completed, the team of technical personnel will give the relevant users Conduct training on the operation process and safety precautions of the hydraulic dock leveler, and will also explain some matters and methods for future maintenance;
  2. Carefully check the wear of parts
    Since it is a newly processed and assembled hydraulic dock leveler component, there may be subtle deviations in shape and size, and it needs to be run in for a period of time. During the run-in period, real-time attention is needed to see if there is excessive wear and tear, if so. It is necessary to contact Seppes Door Industry, the manufacturer of the hydraulic dock leveler, for professional treatment, prevent in advance, and avoid equipment failure;
  3. Necessary lubrication should be carried out after using for a period of time
    After using for a period of time, ensure lubrication between the pins and bearings of the hydraulic dock leveler to avoid wear. You can add some oil or butter to make the product reach the best operating state;
  1. Confirm whether there is noise during operation several times
    Since it is during the running-in period, in the use process, you should carefully observe if you find that the hydraulic dock leveler is noisy during operation, you can do not worry about it in the first stage of use. Under normal circumstances, run it several times. After the run-in, the noise will naturally disappear However, if there is noise for a long time and it does not fade away, you must contact the manufacturer in time to solve the problem;
  2. Regularly check whether the parts are loose by a dedicated person
    It is recommended to check each screw, nut, circlip, stop back, tubing joint, etc., after a cycle of operation of the hydraulic dock leveler, whether there is any sign of looseness, if found, it should be reinforced or replaced in time , To avoid use failures and accidents.

The precautions and solutions for the running-in period of the hydraulic dock leveler are introduced here. For more information about the use of the hydraulic dock leveler, technical support and procurement information, you can Baidu: Seppes Door Industry, provided by the professional team to provide answers and free solutions .

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