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Many consumers tend to choose well-known brands when purchasing industrial doors, and Doorhan is one of the most popular industrial door brands. Doorhan Group is a dynamic and fast-growing industrial holding company. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Today, the company is increasingly recognized as a world-class leader in its industrial specialization and production. All products meet strict European quality standards and are suitable for all climatic conditions. However, when it comes to purchasing, we tend to be put off by Doorhan’s expensive price. So, is there any industrial door with the same quality as Doorhan, but the price is more favorable? This issue has become the most concerned issue for many consumers and purchasers.

In China, a manufacturer called SEPPES has ten years of experience in manufacturing industrial doors. SEPPES focuses on the design and manufacture of nearly 70 series of products. Such as industrial high-speed doors, industrial lift doors, spiral high-speed doors, dock shelter… And in accordance with European industry standards, continuous technological innovation, with a number of product core technologies. At the same time, SEPPES puts the safety of products in the first place, and is equipped with safety protection devices for each product. The whole series of SEPPES products have obtained the real CE certificate certified by the European Union. The products also meet European standards, providing customers with safety guarantees for product use.

From this point of view, the industrial high-speed doors and lifting doors of the SEPPES brand are almost indistinguishable from those of the Dohan brand. Today, more and more consumers are not blindly pursuing well-known foreign brands. Good quality, good after-sale service and good price are the reasons why more and more customers choose the brand. If you are also looking for a suitable industrial door supplier, you can try SEPPES, our high-quality products will not disappoint you.

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