The fast doors has the functions of quick switch, heat insulation, dust and insect prevention, and sound insulation protection. The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations on medical products and medicines, and it is necessary to maintain the overall cleanliness. At the same time, it must meet the national safety inspection standards. It is necessary to produce medicines at a constant temperature and humidity, so as to avoid dust and bacteria in the air from adhering to the medicines.

Clean room high speed door

The clean room high speed door meets this requirement and can keep the temperature inside and outside the pharmaceutical production workshop constant.Door curtains prevent dust and bacteria from entering the production floor.The transparent window adopts the heat compression industry to ensure the integrity of the curtain. The 304 stainless steel box is curved, reducing the possibility of dust adhesion.

Seppes‘s clean room high speed door are widely use in pharmaceutical companies. At present, we have cooperated with many pharmaceutical companies such as Qilu Pharmaceuticals, Yangzijiang Pharmaceuticals, and Jiangsu Haian Pharmaceuticals . Seppes fast Door has 11 years of experience and can help customers solve problems.

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