Recently, our SEPPES Door Industry completed the installation of the wind-resistant accumulation fast rolling door project in the factory of a large steel company in Germany. The world’s top 100 steel companies install the products of our SEPPES Door Industry, which is a recognition of our SEPPES Door Industry. Due to the large opening of the plant, ordinary fast rolling doors simply cannot achieve such a large size. Therefore, it is a very good choice to install wind-resistant accumulating fast rolling doors. The product adopts folding lifting method and multiple built-in or external horizontal wind resistant The lever allows the wind pressure to be evenly distributed on the entire curtain, which is especially suitable for large-area opening environments. The additional geomagnetic induction and remote door opening by customers can facilitate forklifts to enter and exit, greatly reducing the waiting time for opening the door and the trouble caused by entering and exiting.

SEPPES Door Industry’s wind-resistant accumulation fast rolling door adopts aluminum alloy profile and external anti-wind rod structure, reinforced profile snap-in design, door curtain can be disassembled and disassembled, and only one door curtain needs to be replaced in later maintenance, which is more economical and convenient. The aluminum alloy wind-resistant rod design makes the whole door more three-dimensional beauty and enhances the product level.

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