cold storage high speed door

In the manufacturing of chemical raw materials and chemicals, chemicals are sensitive to temperature. And a slight temperature change will cause a huge reaction. Chemicals are generally stored in cold storage at low temperature to prevent chemical raw materials from reacting due to temperature changes. Therefore, we choose to install thermal insulation zipper fast doors in the chemical raw material cold storage to meet the sealing and heat preservation required by the raw material cold storage.

thermal insulation zipper fast door

Benefits of Thermal Insulation Zipper Fast Door in Chemical Cold Storage

Tightness of Thermal Insulation Zipper Fast Door

The zipper structure combines with the thermal insulation multi-layer thickened curtain. While ensuring internal air tightness, it significantly reduces heat transfer, reduces energy loss and generates a condensation environment. Keep the chemical raw material in a stable low temperature state. Also it can keep the chemical raw material in its complete state.

Isolated from the external environment

The thermal insulation zipper door adopts dual-axis innovative technology. It allows the curtain to open and close at high speed without adding traditional counterweights, and easily realizes frequent opening. Effectively prevent the convection of cold air inside the raw material cold storage and external heating, reduce the reaction of chemical raw materials inside the warehouse.


The bottom edge equip with an anti-pinch airbag device, and also can install a safety light curtain. All-round safety protection to ensure the safety of personnel entering and exiting. The track can also be equipped with a heating system device to prevent condensation and freezing. So as to ensure that the seal of the cold storage and the opening speed are not affected.

thermal insulation zipper fast door

Thermal insulation zipper fast door is a function-enhanced product with faster opening speed and excellent sealing performance. High speed doors have become a new force in the market, suitable for chemical raw material factories, which require high sealing and thermal insulation, and can create value for more enterprises. If you want high-quality cold storage high speed doors, you can find professional industrial door brand – SEPPES. SEPPES products have EU CE certificates and excellent after-sales service, and have relevant project experience with Qilu Pharmaceutical and Huahai Pharmaceutical.

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