Transparent sectional door

The editor found that transparent sectional doors are suitable to use in exhibition halls and 4S stores have become very popular recently. Some foreign customers want transparent doors, but PVC transparent fast doors are not suitable for use as doors and cannot meet the requirements of anti-theft. Therefore, we have introduced a transparent lifting door that can be used as an external door.

The door panel of the transparent lift door mainly consists of three door panels: transparent window, bottom door panel and top door panel. The bottom door panel is a polyurethane foam board, the middle part is a transparent door panel composed of a polycarbonate board in an aluminum alloy frame, and the top can be a foam board or a transparent door panel according to customer needs.

transparent sectional door

A variety of standard colors can be selected for the aluminum frame of the transparent window and the bottom or top door panel, or the entire transparent door panel can be selected. The transparent board is made of German raw material polycarbonate PC board, with two thicknesses of 3mm-5mm, which can be selected according to the width of the door and the width of the window.

Transparent Window sectional door

And the transparent sectional door has a high anti-ultraviolet function, and its impact resistance is 100 times that of tempered glass. Xilang Door Industry’s patented aluminum profile, its specifications can be selected according to the size of the door panel and wind resistance. And there are a variety of profiles with anti-pinch function. Can be widely used in automobile 4S shops, equipment showrooms, shopping malls and other occasions.

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