The turning lift gate is an electric lift gate, but it is different from the vertical operation mode, so it is also called the turning lift gate. The reason for the turning lifting method is mainly due to the limited space above many buildings, which makes the lifting door unable to lift up vertically, so it can only be installed by turning lifting.

The turning hoisting door is specially developed for the lack of space above the door hole. Even if the door body does not have enough space to lift up, the industrial hoisting door can also be turned horizontally along the wall and parallel to the ceiling. The left and right space occupied by the lifting turning door is small, and the opening and closing is flexible. It uses the inwardly deep space of the opening. The space above the door opening only needs 50 cm to meet the installation conditions.

Technical Parameters of Turning Lift Door:

  1. Door material: double-sided 0.4mm thick horizontal uneven striped high-quality steel plate, filled with high-density polyurethane foam, sturdy and durable, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and strong industrial beauty.
  2. The thickness of the door panel: There are two kinds of anti-pinching 40mm and non-pinching 50mm. The foaming density of the internal filling is 48kg/m³.
  3. Control system: Serang Door Industry chooses German Philip Motors, frequency conversion intelligent system, which can meet the needs of interlocking linkage and remote control; selected motors have stable service life and high power.
  4. Sealing effect: EPDM sealing rubber is installed at the bottom and upper part of the door panel to isolate the air from the outside. After the door is closed, the surrounding area is fully sealed.
  5. Torsion spring system: The torsion force provided by the torsion spring is determined by the weight of the door panel, and the life of the torsion spring reaches 30,000 cycles.
  6. Control method: There are three control methods, manual zipper, button electric, remote control switch. Customers often require the installation of radar induction or geomagnetic induction, and hereby solemnly declare that since the lifting door is mainly used for anti-theft and is not suitable for frequent opening and closing, the lifting door is not suitable for this kind of induction method, and installation is not recommended.
  7. Safety device: standard safety protection device, infrared safety protection device. When the torsion spring breaks, the protection device will react quickly and force the falling door to stop within 20cm.
  8. Enhanced system: optional window, door in door, door panel custom color.

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