zipper-structure high speed door

At present, The zipper fast rolling door has a great effect on the industrial environmental protection workshop and frequent and rapid access occasions. The domestic fast rolling door industry started late, but the development speed is very fast. It is increasing at a rate of about one-third every year.

Zipper fast rolling doors installed in warehouses :

It is indeed very helpful to improve product quality and reduce energy consumption. Whether it is in a dust-free workshop or a constant temperature and humidity workshop, or in the circulation of goods, there are more such rolling shutters. The zipper fast rolling door forms a protective door. It can divide the inside and outside of the workshop into two separate temperature areas, which can effectively prevent the leakage of cold (warm) air. When the air conditioner is running for a long time, it assists in adjusting the temperature to achieve the purpose of saving energy and improving the environment. , Create a comfortable working environment for employees, ensure the best effect of air conditioning and purification equipment in the workshop, and save electricity. Its automatic door closing system eliminates the need to keep opening and closing doors in places where forklifts often enter and exit, such as logistics access doors. This can maintain the temperature of the cold and warm air in the workshop with an efficiency of 70-90%, while only allowing slight temperature changes. Secondly, it can be found that most annoying and harmful insects cannot pass through, effectively blocking the intrusion of outdoor dust and flying insects, effectively isolating dust, smoke, odor and insects and other microorganisms, keeping the room clean and saving electricity at the same time. It is easier to maintain the sanitation of the production workshop.

Zipper fast rolling door installed in shade library:

Secondly, it can improve the company’s overall image and work efficiency. Such rolling doors are also installed in the logistics passages of the factory workshops. Such places are frequented by people and vehicles, which require constant opening and closing of doors. Vehicle drivers need to get on and off to open and close the doors. People entering and exiting usually have goods in their hands, which is very difficult. Convenience. The opening control methods such as geomagnetic induction and radar induction of the zipper fast rolling door can easily solve this dilemma. To sum up, the significance of installing fast rolling doors is very important. It has become an inevitable trend to install it on multiple occasions. This is also the main reason for the huge annual increase of domestic fast rolling doors in recent years.

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