Based on the development of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent industry, SEPPES Door Industry has developed a new generation of welding robot protection fast rolling door. This welding robot protection fast rolling door has been upgraded and upgraded in all aspects on the basis of the original European standard fast rolling door. Optimized, it is a professional-grade industrial production equipment workshop welding robot protects fast rolling door. Its five functions make industrial production safer and play an important role in better protecting the safety of people, machines and materials.  

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1. In response to the actual needs of compactness and protection in industrial automation equipment rooms, the technical team of SEPPES Door Industry Welding Robot Protection Fast Rolling Door Technology Research Institute adopts 2.0 thickened double gauze to strengthen the door curtain of the protective safety fast rolling door, which has impact resistance (Protect the robot or equipment accidentally splashing objects in the equipment room), wear-resistant and tough (meet the frequent opening and closing of fast doors in the equipment room), smooth and smooth (runs smoother, looks less beautiful), etc.;

2. At the same time, a whole curtain without splicing and metal rigid crossbars are used to ensure safety.

3. The welding robot produced by SEPPES Door Industry protects fast rolling door. The drive unit uses high-end German Philip fast door special motor and German Philip Servo control system, which supports the opening and closing frequency of the fast door more than 2000 times a day. Servo system is more accurate, more stable and faster;

4. In addition, SEPPES door industry welding robot protects fast rolling door is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric and airbag bottom edge (optional device), forming a full range of safety protection.

5. The product can also carry out signal communication linkage with industrial equipment in the equipment room to realize the transmission and operation of combined door opening and closing signals. The welding robot protective fast rolling door is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment workshops, such as automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, automation, spraying workshops, automatic robot welding rooms, aging rooms, painting workshops and other environments.

Technical parameters of welding robot protects fast rolling door

Maximum size 5800*6000mm(W*H)  

Wind pressure resistance 6-8 wind (refer to the size of the door)  

Opening speed 1.0-2.0 m/s (speed adjustable, refer to the size of the door)  

Closing speed 0.8 m/s (speed adjustable)  

Working temperature -15 to 60℃  

Base cloth thickness 0.8-1.2mm  

Base fabric color blue, gray, white and other colors are available  

Frame material 304 stainless steel  

Voltage 220V/50HZ  

Interlock function support  

Linkage function support (can provide door open in place, door closed in place signal)  

Induction method Radar, geomagnetism, photoelectric, drawstring, remote control  

Safety protection photoelectric (standard), safety bottom edge (optional)

Ultrasonic laser welding protection fast door

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