Because of its high efficiency and high-quality performance, fast stacking doors are widely used in large external doors and super large internal doors. The curtain is composed of high-quality wind-resistant rods, with strong wind resistance and fast lifting speed. It not only resists wind and pressure, but also heats and noises, dusts and insects, and is suitable for harsh working environments.

Parameters of Wenzhou Seppes Door Industry High Speed Stacking Door:

  1. Applicable environment: indoor and outdoor large passages, heavy industry, light industry, automobile industry, manufacturing industry, large parking lot, mobile factory, etc.
  2. Technical parameters: The maximum size is W12000mm×H10000mm, which can be customized.
  3. Appearance: cold-rolled steel plate electric sprayed door frame, cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic sprayed door cover.
  4. Door curtain: high-density polyvinyl chloride surface coating treatment, thickness 0.9mm-1.2mm. Color can be customized.
  5. Opening speed: 0.8-1.2m/s.
  6. Control system: adopt German Philip Motor, stable, fast and energy-saving.
  7. Temperature: -30~+70℃.
  8. Transparent window: Imported PVC transparent crystal soft board, thickness 1.5mm, rectangular or oval shape.
  9. Sealing performance: There is a U-shaped airbag at the bottom of the door curtain, which can be closely attached to uneven ground. The sealing tops on both sides of the door frame can block mosquitoes and dust.
  10. Flame retardancy: Our door itself is not fireproof, but it can be flame retardant. It belongs to B2 flame retardant and self-extinguishes within 3 seconds from the fire.

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