The use of high speed doors is becoming more and more widely used, and it has become an indispensable equipment for enterprise workshops. Of course, it also brings a lot of convenience to enterprises. However, the price of high speed doors is also a problem that enterprises pay more attention to. So what is the most direct impact parameter? If you are interested, look down with the editor.

The first is the size of the high speed door. The amount of material used is different for different sizes. This is the most intuitive thing to see. The high speed door is a non-standard customized product. In many cases, the price seen on the Internet can only be used as a reference.

The second is the order quantity and installation location of high speed doors. The quantity needs different doors. Their transportation and installation costs are the same. If the quantity is large, the cost will be even more. Therefore, the unit price of ten sets of doors is more than one set. The unit price of the door is much cheaper.

Third, the height of the accessories of the high speed door is the most critical factor affecting the price.

In addition to the above three factors, there is also the manufacturer. The price of the door industry with a higher reputation will be higher. The door industry with a higher reputation is more reliable for after-sales maintenance and technical support. It is cheap when purchased in the early stage, the maintenance cost may be high, and the service life will be much shorter. Shanghai Seppes Door Industry Co., Ltd. can provide a variety of high speed door options, and free door-to-door measurement and program information. More than 10 years of experience in the industry is trustworthy.

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