high speed fast door

As a common product of factory doors, fast doors are suitable for installation in various areas with their fast, intelligent and safe functions. Some customers may not know the types of fast doors before purchasing fast doors. The following will introduce some common types of fast doors.

What are the types of fast doors

Brush type fast door. This is the most basic fast door, which is what everyone calls a PVC high speed door. Since the door curtain is soft and the electronic control system has been upgraded accordingly, the opening and closing speed is much faster than that of ordinary rolling doors. The overall security is also higher than that of rolling shutter doors. It can be used as a daily car partition, and it is also a high-speed door installed in work and production workshops.

high speed warehouse doors
high speed warehouse doors

Insulation fast door. The basic fast door has been upgraded in terms of thermal insulation, the door curtain is thickened, and the interior is filled with thermal insulation materials. It is suitable for installation in food insulation workshops, cold storages, cold chains and other areas that require insulation.

Clean room fast door. This type of high-speed door is much better than ordinary brush high-speed doors in terms of sealing. The track structure adopts a zipper type, and added a variety of sealing structures. Now many pharmaceutical companies choose to install in the clean room, which is very easy to use.

Stacked fast door. Adopted the strap-type lifting and opening method, and there are multiple built-in windproof ribs, which have excellent windproof performance. It can be used as a windproof for large workshop doors, and can also be used as a discharge door for garbage stations to isolate odors.

Spiral fast door. This is the only one with anti-theft performance among many high speed doors, and absorbs the characteristics of many high speed doors. Such as wind resistance, thermal insulation and other characteristics. It is a very versatile fast door, suitable for installation at the gate of underground garages and workshops.

insulated speed door
insulated speed door

If you are not sure about your own conditions of use, contact SEPPES customer service for free program customization.

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