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The air shower is the necessary passage to enter the clean room, so there are more requirements for finding the door. Most air shower doors now use air shower roller shutter doors. The air shower roller shutter door can meet the requirements of the air shower room such as quick opening, dustproof and insect-proof, sealed and soundproof. Enterprises with air showers in the factory must have doubts about their prices. The following is an answer to the question of the price of air showers.

air shower roller shutter door

How much is the price of the Air Shower Roller Shutter door

The price of the air shower roller shutter door is generally in the range of 1400usd-2500usd, of which the brand is about 1800usd, and the non-brand is about 1400usd. This is an estimated price range, in practice both size and quantity will affect the price. For companies that install fast doors for the first time, it is recommended to choose a brand manufacturer. The product life of the brand quick door is longer, the daily use safety factor is higher, and the after-sales service is also responsive.

Our recommended air shower fast door brands


A fast door brand that has been established for a long time, has accumulated many corporate customers. There is no doubt about the quality, so you can choose it with confidence.


ASSA ABLOY is also a fast door brand that entered the domestic market earlier. It is a well-known foreign brand, and the quality is assured and you can choose.


Doorhan, an industrial door brand in Russia, is also used by many domestic enterprises. The quality is assured and you can choose it with confidence.


SEPPES, one of the most outstanding Chinese brands, has cooperated with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, and has cooperated with customers from more than 50 countries and regions, and its products have a good reputation.

air shower roller shutter door

After you understand the price and brand, you can communicate with their manufacturers in detail. Actual prices may vary slightly. But here I want to remind everyone that if the price is lower than 1200usd, it is easy to have quality problems, so you must not choose it! If you want to know the product price of SEPPES, you can contact SEPPES for consultation, we will provide professional solutions.

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