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PVC high speed doors are often seen in current production workshops, clean workshops, work workshops, air showers and other places. Some people will not understand what is the use of this soft door curtain rolling door. In fact, this kind of rolling shutter is developed for factories with different needs. The functions of PVC high speed doors are insect-proof, dust-proof, sound-proof, odor-proof and so on. With the fast switching speed and intelligent opening method, the fast door can save the passage time and improve the passage efficiency, which is very suitable for factory workshop installation. So what is the price of PVC speed door? This article will answer all your questions.

speed door
speed door

How much is the price of PVC fast door

The price of PVC fast doors is in the range of 1390-1800 US dollars, which is the approximate price of non-brand manufacturers. The price of brand manufacturers is in the range of 1800-2100 US dollars. The size and material are different, and the corresponding price is also different. Although there is a price difference of nearly 400 US dollars between the brand and the non-brand, you can get: one is the product quality, and the other is the service guarantee. If the price is lower than this range, be careful. All products have costs. If the price is very low, the quality will be greatly reduced, which will greatly affect the normal use.

The process of custom-made PVC high-speed door

1.The customer provides detailed parameters and the required conditions of use

2.PVC quick door manufacturers make plans according to the situation

3.The customer chooses the desired plan and signs the contract

4.After the production of the PVC quick door, we will arrange the delivery

5.After the customer receives the PVC quick door, contact us to guide the installation

If you are not sure about the above prices or want to know the prices of other types of fast doors, you can contact SEPPES customer service.

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