explosion-proof PVC fast shutter door

The air shower is the necessary channel to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room. It is suitable to install high-speed doors in this area. The high-speed door can achieve the functions of sealing, dust-proof, insect-proof, sound-proof, and smell-proof, so it is very important. So there are so many types of fast doors, which kind of air shower door should be used in the air shower room? Don’t worry, let me answer you.

According to the air shower room cases done by SEPPES, it is found that most air shower rooms will choose the fast door with full transparent curtain or the ordinary brush type fast door. Both are functionally identical. The difference is that one is a fully transparent door curtain, which can clearly see the inside. The other has only a small transparent window. Although you can also see the internal situation, the viewing angle is limited, and the overall effect is definitely not as good as that of a fully transparent curtain.

In conclusion, for companies with sufficient budget, you can choose a fully transparent door curtain quick door with better effect, which will look more beautiful. The ordinary brush quick door is also enough, both of which can meet the daily requirements of the air shower. But it should be noted that there are many fast door manufacturers now, and you must pay attention to the brand when choosing, because only the brand can be guaranteed, and the SEPPES brand can be recommended here.

SEPPES focuses on the technical development, design and manufacture, and after-sales service of nearly 70 products of industrial high speed doors, sectional doors, spiral doors. Has 15 authoritative product standard certifications. With nearly 20 patents for various inventions and technologies, with leading professional products and good brand reputation. SEPPES has become a partner of more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as IKEA, Logitech, and AkzoNobel.

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