Fast roll up door, as the name implies, is to replace the conventional steel rolling door with fast opening and closing and frequent use to meet the needs of the factory workshop for fast isolation, dustproof and heat preservation. So how to make the fast roll up door achieve the desired effect in actual use?

There is a very important reference indicator: the opening speed of fast doors. The fast roll up door was introduced into China from Europe. The technical design was originally designed to open the door 5 times or even 8 times faster than ordinary steel roll up doors. However, after entering the localization, some small factories pursuing low price and low quality have adopted fast roll up doors in order to enhance their price competitiveness. The speed of the door is reduced a lot, and the motors of ordinary roll up doors are used on the fast roll up door to shoddy. Many industrial enterprises do not have a deep understanding of the fast roll up door. They blindly buy such fast door at a low price. In the actual use process However, due to factors such as slow speed, poor stability, and unwarranted after-sales service, the functions and usefulness of industrial fast roll up doors have been completely lost.

The SEPPES brand fast roll up door has been continuously innovated and developed by an experienced and strong technical development team. It has multiple series, which are suitable for a variety of factory workshop use scenarios. The standard intelligent fast roll up door is suitable for most of the factory’s internal and external doors. It guarantees the opening speed of 1.0-1.2 m/s, and is economical and practical. It is widely used by corporate customers; the FROG PUPIL Servo system fast roll up door is used in fast-passing The logistics area or automated production line is matched, which can achieve a door opening speed of 1.5-2.0 m/s, which is consistent with the European imported fast roll up door brand; the SEPPES zipper structure fast roll up door with three technical patents can open the door at a speed of 1.5 m/s or more The speed and the fully soft door body will rebound when it encounters resistance and accidentally be knocked out of the rails. The automatic reset and maintenance-free function has become a model product of high-end fast roll up door structure technology and technological innovation. In addition, SEPPES Door Industry has more than a dozen subdivision series products such as heat preservation fast roll up doors, protective fast roll up doors, stacked fast roll updoors, and explosion-proof fast roll up doors. The business and technical team of SEPPES Door Industry will formulate effective fast rolling door overall solutions according to the actual use needs of corporate customers, so that corporate customers can purchase cost-effective fast rolling door products.

In addition to a full range of professional fast roll up door products and a responsible and efficient business and technical team, SEPPES Doors attaches great importance to service and after-sales commitments. The company adheres to the “one door, one code, life-long service” industrial door lifelong responsibility system service Philosophy runs through the whole process of serving customers responsible. All products of SEPPES Door Industry have: authoritative brand logos, anti-counterfeiting signs, warning signs, aluminum alloy nameplates, etc. Among them, the aluminum alloy nameplate is a major innovation of SEPPES Door Industry. The nameplate records the factory time and main products in detail. Parameters, product codes, technical support and other information, the nameplate adopts laser engraving technology and will never fade, to ensure that it is consistent with the service life of the fast roll up door itself for more than 10 years, to support the after-sales guarantee of one door, one code, and lifetime service.

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