In foreign countries, more and more car washes choose to use PVC fast shutter door to isolate and reduce noise and prevent excessive spraying of water, especially automatic car wash services. Doors are usually interlocked with automatic car wash systems so that when a vehicle enters, the doors automatically close when the car wash signals, and then reopen when the cycle is complete. The door curtain is made of tough reinforced soft PVC wear-resistant base fabric, with a clear door panel division, and a layer of transparent windows can be equipped in the middle, which can easily observe the internal and external environment, which also contributes to light transmission and better sound insulation. Of course, if you want to be able to fully observe the internal car wash environment and state, we also support custom-made fast shutter door with fully transparent door curtains.

fast shutter door

PVC fast shutter doors used in foreign self-service car washes have characteristics and functions that cannot be replaced with ordinary steel or iron doors. SEPPES has been committed to providing systematic solutions for domestic and foreign car wash customers. If the iterative update and continuous development of SEPPES product technology can help the car washing industry and meet the diversified development needs of the car washing industry such as improving efficiency and reducing noise. SEPPES’ PVC high speed door has a mature production process. The door body adopts fully automatic mechanized laser construction integrated forming technology, which folds a whole piece of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate into the door body, and then sprays with plastic powder. The door curtain part has a self-cleaning function and contains tear-resistant fibers, which are stronger than ordinary PVC door curtains. The electronic control system is intelligent and precise, and can realize a variety of linkage functions, such as Bluetooth, face recognition, and AGV intelligent linkage. The safety photoelectricity is sensitive and triggers the second induction, which greatly increases the safety performance of the door.

fast shutter door

With the continuous popularization and development of self-service car wash services around the world, PVC high-speed doors will also become one of the standard configurations of more and more car washes. The unique functions of PVC high speed doors will also become irreplaceable products in this industry. The PVC quick rolling shutter door products manufactured by SEPPES have now become the first choice for the car wash industry in Australia, the United States, the Philippines and other foreign regions.

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