As we all know, the fast roll up door is a door that can be opened and closed frequently and quickly, and it is also the biggest difference from ordinary rolling door. The fast operation of fast roll up doors is inseparable from high-frequency motors. The frequency and speed of opening and closing are mainly supported by the motor; then, which motor is generally better for fast rolling doors? Let’s take a look together below.

Currently on the market, the most popular motor brand used by fast roll up door manufacturers is BKJ (Grand). As customer demand becomes higher, Seppes Door Industry has introduced the German Philip brand motor. After continuous testing and adjustment, it is currently used. It is more stable than BKJ. If the customer has extremely high requirements for speed, it is recommended to use a servo motor. The servo motor can not only achieve high-speed operation of 2.5m/s, but also accurately position under high-speed operation.

What kind of motor is used for fast roll up door, in fact, needs to be compared with the actual needs of customers. It does not mean that conventional motors are not good. If there are no special requirements, conventional fast rolling door motors can meet the use, and the cost performance is high. When the demand for use is high, It is necessary to match a higher-standard fast-rolling door motor to better ensure the running performance of the fast-rolling door.

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