As more and more people join the fast-rolling door industry, the quality and price of fast-rolling doors are uneven, and there is no uniform standard, and the pictures feel the same, so customers often don’t know which one to choose; because of cost-saving options The price is low, and it often fails in later use. Today we will make a detailed comparison of fast rolling doors, so that customers can truly understand the gap.

The wind-resistant ribs in the fast rolling door of Seppes Doors are made of aluminum alloy and processed by the mold opening process. The two-sided profile connects the upper and lower curtains together. If the curtain is broken, only one of the curtains needs to be replaced instead of the entire curtain. (As shown below)

In order to save cost and production process, other brands of fast rolling doors adopt a built-in wind-resistant rib, which is directly welded to the curtain. If the curtain is broken, the entire curtain needs to be replaced, which will cost a lot of maintenance. (As shown below)

The door body and motor cover of Seppes Door Industry’s fast rolling door are all bent by laser components and are integrally formed with no gaps, good airtightness, easy installation and beautiful appearance. (As shown below)

 The boxes and motor covers of other fast rolling doors are assembled and spliced ​​by multiple pieces of profiles, which have gaps and poor sealing. They need to be fixed on site during installation, which is cumbersome to install. (As shown below)

The safety photoelectric of the fast rolling door of Seppes Door Industry adopts the well-known Omron brand, 2.0mm thick steel, laser cutting technology, the photoelectric is firmly fixed, and it is not easy to loosen and deform. (As shown below)

The safety photoelectric of other fast rolling doors has rough workmanship and is easy to deform. The photoelectric parts do not have a fixed plate, which is easy to loose and deviate, and the subsequent failure rate is high. (As shown below)

The sealing brush of Seppes Door Industry’s fast rolling door adopts a card seat type and has no metal rivet design to protect the door body from running smoothly. It is plug and play and easy to replace.

The brushes in other homes are one whole, which is fixed with screws, which may hinder the lifting effect of the curtain. If it is hit, it needs to be replaced, which is troublesome for disassembly and assembly.

Any product of Seppes Door Industry has LOGO on the door, identification plate on the track, two-dimensional code and after-sales telephone on the control box; there will be no situation where the after-sales of the manufacturer cannot be found if the sales are changed. Install Seppes As long as the door is not opened, we will serve for life.

Many manufacturers can’t find the contact information from the quick-rolling door to the control box disassembly, and even the brand logo is not available. They often hear customers report that they can’t find the original manufacturer’s after-sales situation; find other manufacturers to replace the accessories, either not matching or single accessories , The cost will be high.

The above situation is the real situation that we sees from the customer. After this comparison and introduction, I believe that everyone knows better about the product of the fast rolling door, and can also distinguish the quality of the product in the follow-up selection. , Avoid choosing poor quality products.

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