white seppes high speed door

First, let me talk about the history of seppes high-speed doors. It is a high-speed door produced by Seppes Door Industry(Suzhou )co.,ltd in 2011. There are a total of 7 iterative replacements. Each upgrade brings a lot of money to the customer’s factory benefit. PVC door curtain material, the door frame is made of lacquered cold-rolled steel plate, which is mainly used for quick opening inside the factory, multiple openings, dustproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, etc. The purpose is to apply and solve the complex environment inside the factory and relieve the internal traffic of the factory Stress and protect personnel safety. So when the Seppes high-speed door is used in the factory, it brings many benefits to the factory. Such as:

white seppes high speed door

1. For the Seppes Expressway, which can be opened 500-800 times a day, it greatly facilitates the traffic environment of the factory

2. The cassette type brush not only has a sealing effect, but also brings a good dust-proof effect to the factory, and the brush is easy to replace, which saves a certain maintenance cost of the factory

3. The curtain is made of tear-resistant material, durable, good-looking, and powerful in self-cleaning function, which saves the energy of daily maintenance in the factory

4. The door frame of the door is equipped with a safety photoelectric as standard, which brings a guarantee for the goods and personnel of the factory

5. Our door frame is made of painted cold-rolled steel plate, which is not only integrated, safe and convenient, but also beautiful in appearance, does not fall off the paint, does not rust, and has established a good corporate image for the factory

The above 5 points are some of the benefits of the Seppes high-speed door. If you need a high-speed gate, please call or email to make an appointment.

white seppes high speed door

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